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Property Nº

PC - 14957


Via Brasil

Built Size

1,410 ft2

Selling Price

$ 589,500

Offices and Commercial Spaces -Vía Brasil

Ground Floor: Commercial spaces from 131 m2 to 355 m2.
Mezzanine: Commercial Spaces from 57 m2 to 293 m2.
Level 100: Commercial Spaces from 115 m2 to 342 m2.
Level 200: Commercial spaces from 117 m2 to 324 m2.
Level 300: Office Space: 942 m2. Retail space: 300 m2.
Level 400: Office Space: 972 m2. Retail space: 400 m2.
Level 500: Office Space: 972 m2.

Price for Offices: US$2,500.00 per m2.
Price for Retail Spaces: US$4,500.00 per m2 on the Ground Floor.
Price for Retail Spaces: US$4,000.00 per m2 on the First Floor.

Private Corporate Tower
* 2,500 m2 on 5 Floors.
* Two private elevators.
* Access to the Ground Floor from the street.
* Corporate Logo on the Tower.

Office Tower
* Corporate Tower from 5,000 m2 to 12,500 m2.
* Private Elevator plus three common elevators.
* Connections of the offices with the Ground Floor and Mezzanine for Customer Service.
* Corporate Logo on the Tower.
Modern commercial spaces on the Ground Floor, first and second floors.
13 Office levels.
More than 600 safe and spacious parking areas.
Commercial spaces with exterior signs.
Rental of publicity signs on the top of the tower.
Intelligent security system.
Private elevators for the office area.
Internet and fiber optic connections in the retail spaces and offices.
Automatic Fire Alarm System.
Emergency Power Plant for the entire commercial center.
Surveillance cameras system with the latest in technology.

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