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Property Nº

PE - 14800


Brisas del Golf

Built Size

394 ft2

Selling Price

$ 139,270

Consulting rooms,and Retail Spaces at Brisas del Golf

Doctors consulting rooms, commercial spaces and kiosks located on Level 200 of the Signature Plaza at the entrance of Brisas del Golf, township of Rufina Alfaro, province of Panama.

Doctors consulting rooms - Level 200 from 36.65 m2 up to 179.88 m2
Sale: $3,800.00/m2
Lease: $40.00/m2
CAM: $2.75/m2

Retail spaces- Level 200 from 109.35 m2 up to 148.72 m2
Sale: $2,500.00/m2
Lease: $30.00/m2
CAM: $ 1.75/m2

Retaill spaces - Level 100
Sale: $2,750.00/m2
Lease: $25.00/m2
CAM: $1.75/m2

Kiosks from 12 m2. ( rented)

The property features easy access through Domingo Díaz Avenue and the North Corridor.

If you want to receive more information about this property please send us an email CBRE | Panamá.