Contact Information

Property Nº

PC - 14782



Built Size

11,578 ft2

Selling Price

$ 3,764,810


The project consists of a modern office building that includes a series of mechanical and technical systems that will allow you to work efficiently without high maintenance costs.

The ground floor features a glass cube 4 stories high in which the Grupo Shahani real estate offices will be located. This core will be connected both internally and throughout leading to the office tower elevators. There are two parking areas: 3 basement levels accommodating 178 parking spaces, which is accessible from 61st street; and 7 floors of high level parking spaces with a capacity for 233 cars with access from Samuel Lewis Avenue.

The ground floor will also house six commercial spaces with a total area of 1,060 m2. Four of the premises have direct access to the street and two of them have direct access from the main lobby. In these areas you can find clothing shops, jewelry stores, banks, cafeterias, copiers, etc.

The main office tower consists of 22 floors with areas ranging from 750 m2 to 1,030 m2. Some of these have exteriror balconies. These layouts can be subdivided into smaller offices. A heliport is located on the roof with its own lobby.

Technical Aspects: The building will incorporate everything for a modern office building. The facades of aluminum, stainless steel and stone ensure a low maintenance cost. Also the use of high performance glass with high technology air conditioning equipment dramatically reduce energy operating costs. High-speed elevators will carry users to the desired offices while an advanced monitoring system protects and controls access of visitors.
Telephone systems, telecommunications and a power network with an emergency plant guarantee the continuous operation of the building.

If you want to receive more information about this property please send us an email CBRE | Panamá.