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Property Nº

PC - 14726


Punta Pacífica

Built Size

1,160 ft2

Monthly Rent

$ 2,587

Offices in Punta Pacifica

Offices for rent in Punta Pacifica.
Option A: 107.80 m2.
Description of the office: Internal divisions, two (2) rest rooms, gypsum ceiling, lined walls (formica), lamps in the entire office, tiled floor (white 60 x 60), smoke detectors, siren with stroboscope, parking spaces.

Option B: 114.55 m2.
Description of the office: Divisions, two (2) rest rooms, ceiling (2 x 2), lamps in the entire office, gray granite floors, sink with cabinet, painted, sprinklers, smoke detectors, siren with stroboscope.
Parking spaces: 2 (1 fixed and 1 pool).
Air conditioner (1 with its ducts and supply and return grilles).

Maintenance Fee: US$2.43 per m2.
Rental Price: US$24.00 per m2.

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Prices from US $ 25.00 per m2

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