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PC - 14476


Costa del Este

Commercial Premises in Costa del Este

The exclusive premises have central air conditioning, Internet access and backup power systems and water. All in an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Over 500 parking spaces with security that provides comfort and safety to customers. Easy access for pedestriansand vehicles.

• Panoramic and cargo elevators
• Showcases and tempered glass doors
• Natural lighting throughout the Atrium
• Central air conditioning (cooling tower)
• Escalators
• Lobbies and rest areas
• Intelligent parking guidance system
• LED displays for trade promotion
• Backup tank and pumps
• Internet access and structured wiring
• Fire Suppression Systems
• Surveillance cameras and security
• Emergency power plant
• Loading platform


$4,500.00 to $5,000.00 per m2

Rental - Dry Goods:
$47.00 to $50.00 per m2
Maintenance fee: $4.02 per m2

Rental - Perishable Goods:
$75.00 per m2
Maintenance fee: $15.00 per m2

Rental - Kiosks:
$100.00 per m2
Maintainance fee: $15.00 per m2

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