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Property Nº

PR - 13346


Punta Pacífica

Lot Size

8,611 ft2

Selling Price

$ 3,200,000

Ocean Reef Islands

Ocean Reef Islands consists of two islands (Island I and Island II) of 103,251 mts2 and 87,552.95 mts2 respectively, joined by a bridge. A residential community with unparalleled luxury and splendor.
Its residents and guests will enjoy a range of amenities including:
• A sanctuary that will only be enjoyed by a select and limited number of privileged owners and guests.
• A variety of luxury residential lots with access to a wide selection of world-class facilities that redefine the meaning of owning an oceanfront property.
• Luxurious three-level Garden Apartments with incredible views of the Gulf and Panama City. All finely designed with the comfort of its owner as only priority.
• Elaborated design guides that will govern in all the properties of the island to guarantee the architectural style and eminence of the residences.
• Green areas, recreational parks and tennis court.
• An elegant marina and Yacht Club with all the amenities and first class service.
• Fiber optics to ensure the connectivity of your residence.
• The islands will be connected to mainland by means of a bridge of approximately 160 meters in length.
• 24-hour restricted access, monitored by a highly trained security team, ensuring your privacy and security.

Ocean Reef Islands is the first residential manmade islands in Latin America. An exclusive community with only 138 residential lots to be developed in cosmopolitan Panama City, off Punta Pacifica.
The development consists of two islands:
West Island: 72 Lots - 10.3 hectares
East Island: 66 lots - 8.7 hectares
Lots of low density beachfront for single-family use or two families - up to 3 levels and a basement.
Design guidelines developed in conjunction with EDSA, rule in all Island properties that ensure the language and eminence of the residences.
Gardens, parks and recreation areas (tennis courts) will be part of the project.
Restricted Access - 24 hours, monitored by a security team that will ensure security and privacy.
Private Residential Marina with its Club House.

Below link of Ocean Villas by George Moreno and Pinzón Lozano Architects:


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