Contact Information

Property Nº

PE - 12766


Costa del Este

Built Size

7,685 ft2

Monthly Rent

$ 18,921

Offices and Commercial Spaces in Costa deL Este

Commercial Space (Lobby):

a. 113 m2. – Parking: 2 spaces.
Rental Price: US$35.00 per m2.

Commercial spaces in high floors:

a. 224.39 m2 – Parking: 4 spaces.
b. 372.67 m2 – Parking: 7 spaces.
Rental Price: US$26.50 per m2.

Office space for Rent:
a. Two offices of 1,652.81 m2. (Each)—Parking: 32 spaces.
b. Office of 723.81 m2.-- Parking: 14 spaces.
c. Office of 1,088.36 m2. – Parking: 32 spaces.
d. Offices of 1000 m2/ 652.81 m2 – Parking: 32 spaces.

Rental Price: US$26.50 per m2.
Use A/A: 1.75 per m2.

Additional Parking: US$200.00 per individual and US$75.00 for the double bottom (both).
Rent Conference Room:US$250.00 per day over 7% ($31.25 x hour)
Air Conditioning: US$1.75 per m2
Deposits available for rent: rent price depending on the size.
Maintenance fee. US$2.25 per m2.

If you want to receive more information about this property please send us an email CBRE | Panamá.