January 4, 2011

Tourism in Panama continues with its robust growth as the country offers many incentives and features that induce visitors to choose it as their preferred destination in the region.

The natural beauty of its beaches, the cool temperatures of its magnificent highlands, the colonial architecture to be admired in Panama City’s Old Quarter, the many impressive high-rise buildings in the elegant sections of the city, its modern and up-scale shopping centers with top quality products and famous brands, the very best renowned five-star hotels, the country’s political and economical stability, among other features, have all contributed to Panama achieving an increase of about 6% in the tourism sector, estimating that 1.7 million tourists visited Panama in 2010.

One of the latest benefits to become effective on January 15, 2011, is the free insurance policy that the Panama Tourism Authority contracted with a local insurance company. It will be applicable to all tourists and Panamanian citizens residing abroad arriving at Panama’s Tocumen International Airport. Every visitor will receive a pamphlet along with an identification card in which the visitor will list beneficiaries. The card must be presented along with the passport should the visitor require medical assistance. The insurance policy is valid for the first 30 days in the country.

Coverage includes medical expenses up to $7,000.00, and if the visitor has to be transferred to another health facility overseas, transportation up to $40,000.00 will be provided. The insurance policy also includes $20,000.00 should the visitor die while in Panama. However, the coverage is null and void if the visitor suffers injuries or death while consuming drugs or being under the influence of alcohol, and extreme sports and natural phenomena are also excluded from coverage.

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