November 24, 2015

Being a socially responsible firm is one of the greatest challenges that organizations are actually facing. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as the measure of the firm’s activities in the economy, the environment and society. In that sense our main social group is precisely our personnel who we provide with the best conditions and surroundings to carry out their responsibilities. Having achieved that gives the CBRE family great satisfaction and pride as well as being recognized for the third consecutive year in the ranking of the best companies to work for in Panama and Central America.
This achievement confirms the Administration’s and General Management’s commitment to continue enhancing our strength as a company as well as to continue working on those areas considered as improvement areas.
Encouraging and maintaining an excellent working environment in addition to clear and transparent policies of Human Resources is most important as these factors contribute to the personnel’s greater welfare by having a positive impact on productivity, better motivation for cooperation and commitment and, consequently, the company’s profitability in which all participate in its benefits.
How do we contribute to having excellent working environments? Mainly by effectively communicating organizational goals clearly, shared and known by all in addition to a solid leadership development and promoting a sense of belonging to the company. These goals are achieved through practices such as: an organizational climate known for respect, trust in the members of a team, each one developing his/her talents and enhancing personal values in line with those of the organization.
Other examples of Good Practices that we can point out are: helping our personnel facing any needs that arise, whether personal or family. Likewise, promoting and participating in other activities on important dates such as birthdays, special celebrations for individual, team or departmental work achievements.
Summarizing, for CBRE Panama, providing healthy spaces for the coexistence and personal and professional development is a permanent process, and will continue to be a priority to offer the best conditions to all of the members who form this great family as an Excellent Place to Work as the fundamental core of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

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