CBRE|PANAMA Participated in the Executive Meeting The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama

March 17, 2015

CBRE|PANAMA once again participated in the Executive Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama that was held last February 25 on the subject of: “Mining: Investments and Business Opportunities”.
The meeting included the presentation by Engineer Roberto Cuevas, President of the Mining Chamber of Panama (CAMIPA) who gave an overview of the Mining Sector and its impact on Panama’s economy. He also gave a summary of the existing potential for mining in the Republic of Panama and its economic, social and environmental impact.
Engineer Temístocles Velarde, the Director of the National Mineral Resources of the Ministry of Commerce and Industries presented the actual status of mining activities in the country and its main sources of metallic and non-metallic resources. He emphasized the importance of the non-metallic sector, especially because of its relation with the construction sector.
Finally, Mr. Todd Clewett, Country Manager of Minera Panamá, stressed the importance of the economic and social contributions that Minera Panamá has given to the provinces of Coclé and Colón, especially in the areas of immediate influence on the mine.
The contributions of taxes, employment, education and environmental mitigation of the project were also mentioned. In conclusion, Mr. Clewett expressed some challenges that the activity presents, especially in its relationship with the government and its bureaucratic procedures.
Eileen Chévez, Gladys Gutierrez and Carlos Solís. were present at the meeting.

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