February 26, 2015

On January 26 and 27 the Latin American Valuation and Advisory meeting was held at our offices. Various Directors of Valuation and Advisory Services from countries such as Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Panama were present.

Subjects such as risks, standardizing procedures, new technology and improvements in product consistency and quality were discussed.
Also present were: Nevardo Argüello, Latin America COO, Thomas McDonnell, President of CBRE Valuation and Advisory, Chris Maugeri, Senior Managing Director Latin America and Robert Gilmores, Director of Global Corporate Services Latin America.
Those who assisted by country were:
Rodrigo Aros, Valuation & Advisory Director, CBRE Chile
Damian Benavoli, Valuation & Advisory Director, CBRE Argentina
Luis Mayor, Valuation & Advisory Director, CBRE Brazil
Eduardo Christinano, Valuation & Advisory Manager, CBRE Brazil
Giorgio Mazzeo, Valuation & Advisory Director, CBRE Panama
Carmen Castro, Valuation Manager, CBRE Panama
Carla Lopez, Market Research Director, CBRE Latin America.

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