May 21, 2014

At CBRE PANAMA, the Exclusive Properties Department manages the marketing of those assets that we represent as the sole real estate agents for the sale and/or rental in the national and international market. Likewise, said representation is extendible for acquiring new assets.
Our objective is to provide superior service that exceeds the expectations of our clients in such a manner that they receive exclusive attention and obtain effective real estate results and solutions.
During the representation process, it is fundamental for us to maintain permanent communications with the proprietor, reporting the progress of the marketing efforts of the property. We can, thereby, develop effective and proactive marketing strategies leading to a successful transaction in the least amount of time.
For that purpose, a permanent consultant is assigned in the Account/Property Management who is and will be the only contact point between the client, interested parties and our firm. In this manner, all information and communications are centralized thereby simplifying the procedures while providing personalized service.
The process begins with preparing a Marketing Proposal wherein the following aspects are analyzed:
 Understanding the Real Estate Asset.
 Defining the Marketing Procedure.
 Analyzing the Marketing Plan.
 General Terms and Conditions of the Representation.

Within the marketing activities there is the presentation of an efficient Media Plan capable of creating the marketing strategy that will allow locating specific clients. With it, a schedule is prepared describing the management’s progress plan.
For our clients, it is essential to know the status of the management's efforts. For that purpose, our commitment is to present a progress report to the proprietor specifying the advancements achieved in the marketing efforts that are carried out with every CBRE client which includes the name of the prospect and degree of interest to be discussed and for making decisions.
Some cases of success with exclusive representations include residential, commercial, industrial real estate assets and management procedures for multinational firms, national and international.
The innovation with this service by CBRE Panama has created precedents in the Panamanian market positioning itself as one of the leading firms in the exclusive representation of world-class clients.

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