April 30, 2014

It is with much pride and satisfaction for the entire CBRE Panama family to be once again, and for the second consecutive year, in the ranking of the best companies to work for in Central America and the Caribbean.

Thanks to the cooperation of all and their commitment shown in this process, CBRE Panama improved its ranking position in a significant manner with respect to the previous period where we participated for the first time. This would not have been possible without the spirit of cooperation, commitment, and teamwork of each and every one of the members of this growing family.

In the category of “Best companies to work for in Central America and the Caribbean with less than 1,000 Collaborators” for 2013, CBRE Panama improved its 48th position (competing with 69 companies in this category) to the 29th position (competing with 88 companies) in the 2014 ranking.

In the category of “Best Central American companies to work for”, CBRE Panama also improved its 17th position (competing with 36 companies in this category) to the 12th position (competing with 56 companies) in the 2014 ranking. Finally, in the category of “Best companies to work for in Panama” in the 2013 ranking (competing with 17 companies in this category), we achieved the 14th position. For the 2014 ranking (competing with 19 companies), we obtained the 7th position. It is important to mention that there were two companies with more than 1,000 collaborators in which, in our category, CBRE Panama held the 5th position in the 2014 ranking.

For us at CBRE Panama, it is very important to encourage and maintain an excellent working environment. This certainly has a positive effect in the performance of the collaborators as they themselves feel pleased and, above all, happy with their jobs that enhances and improves their productivity and, therefore, the company’s earnings and benefits in which all participate.

How do we guarantee the working environment? Through goals clearly shared and known by all that promote a feeling of belonging to the company. It is also fundamental that an organizational climate exists characterized by respect, trust and cooperation among members of a team, with each one developing his/her talents and strengthening personal values in line with those of the organization.

Our Human Resources unit has a fundamental task shared with the leaders of the organization: protecting the welfare of the collaborators. Likewise, there are well established policies and procedures that contribute to the healthy coexistence among all members of the CBRE Panama team.

As an example, we can mention providing assistance to the collaborators whenever there is a need, including personal and family problems. Likewise, we encourage other activities such as gatherings and other types of celebrations on important dates such as birthdays as well as special celebrations for having achieved goals, whether individually or by teams or departments.

We also encourage the habit of saving, including contributions by the company with a matching percentage of what the collaborator has contributed. Other activities are meetings, workshops and/or seminars that are offered to all collaborators without distinction of any kind where various tools are offered to improve performance in their jobs.

The team of collaborators primarily values the respect, tolerance and flexibility found in the company. Likewise, all have the opportunity of expressing various examples of how they are living with the company’s values within as well as outside of the organization. This open climate at all levels certainly contributes to creating and maintaining an atmosphere of trust among all, and these examples have a very positive impact at a personal, professional and family level.

Summarizing, CBRE Panama has collaborators who have been with the company for many years fully dedicated and focused on the objectives of the firm. The members, at the same time, become mentors of colleagues with less time in the firm and exude a spirit of dynamism, innovation and team work, key factors in achieving extraordinary results. Another example of the climate of trust that is enjoyed in the company is the significant growth that it achieved in the last year. Upon carrying out the first climate survey in 2012, CBRE Panama had a total of 48 collaborators. When the recent survey carried out last October concluded, the team had grown to a total of 61 members. At the end of January of this year, the CBRE Panama family had grown to 68 collaborators committed to continue contributing so that the company becomes stronger as an excellent place to work and placing their talents at the service of our clients.

Finally, to develop and enjoy an excellent place to work is a continuous and permanent process that will allow the company to achieve higher levels of profitability through a greater commitment, enthusiasm and motivation thereby increasing the levels of productivity and obtaining a positive effect at the financial bottom line of the organization and for the benefit of the collaborators that make up this Great Family.

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