September 13, 2012

After 16 years of extraordinary leadership as the administrator of the Panama Canal, on September 4, Alberto Alemán Zubieta transferred the administration to Jorge Luis Quijano who has been with the Canal since 1975, starting out as an engineer in the Dredging Division.

Later on, on the eve of the Canal being turned over by the U.S. to Panama on December 31, 1999 in compliance with the Torrijos-Carter treaty signed on September 7, 1977, Mr. Quijano became Director of Maritime Operations and also handled the transition of the waterway to the Panamanian government. He has held several positions based on the merit system during his career, is fully aware of the Canal’s operations, and is very active in its ongoing US$5.25 billion expansion which is scheduled to be completed in October 2014.

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